The Callisto Program by WEngineer Inc


The Callisto Program is a research-oriented section of WEngineer Inc that provides STEM education to middle school students. WEngineer Inc runs engineering intramurals and academies at middle school across Howard County. The 2023 Summer Callisto Program give students the same STEM opportunities except it will give students access to independent research opportunities. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities and challenges, research opportunities, and scientific experimentation, students will be exposed to the magic of robotics, programming, aerodynamics, electronics, and much more. In addition, it will be taught by our experienced mentors, many of whom are MIT interns, UChicago interns, JHU interns, and leaders of the community. 


8305 Governors Run
Ellicott City, MD 21043
United States

Cost (if applicable)
$300. This will be used to pay for free school-year programs and charity donations.
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The Callisto Program
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