Interested in computer science, free food, and coding with friends to win prizes? If so, come to QuHacks, a local hackathon (coding competition) for high schoolers and middle schoolers! The event will be on Saturday, January 14th, 2023, at Howard Community College from 9AM to 6PM. All experience levels are welcome, and attendees are free to come with a team of friends or make new friends at the event!

Peer-to-Peer (Mentoring&Tutoring Program)


The P2P Program is a peer mentoring and academic tutoring program. Highly qualified senior students(Helpers) serve as mentors to younger students (Buddies). A Helper student provides academic resource to their buddy partner. The P2P program marks its 16th anniversary this year, providing many benefits for social development and academic success. Helpers who fulfill the required service hours are eligible for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award PVSA).

Who? Buddy: 1st - 9th/ Helper: 9th - 12th (GPA above 3.7)

Registration? 01/09/23(Mon) - 01/22/23(Sun)

Center for Creative and Learning, Inc

The Center for Creative Life and Learning, Inc is a 501(c) 3 tax non-profit organization providing the following community services to youth and families.

1. Mentoring, Leadership and Enrichment Programs for three distinct age groups; 8-12. 11-13, and 14-17. Also offers a Leadership Development Academy and Youth Advocates Program for students 13-17. Meets Saturdays

2.Reading Proficiency program, "You Can Read" for English and Spanish speaking students 8-12 years of age. 

AST Tutoring

AST is offering FREE virtual, ongoing one-on-one homework help for all middle school students in a similar model to the high school honor society tutoring programs. Students may receive free assistance with homework assignments in the 4 core subjects: Math, English, Science, or Social Studies. These help sessions occur at designated times during the week. For students that need a unique perspective, experienced help, or enrichment, Homework Help is an amazing and accessible tool to supplement day to day in-school learning.


FREE online tutoring, ES and MS students, weekends and weekdays for K-8. We are a youth-led organization that aims to assist students during online school with free online tutoring. Our tutors are highly qualified high school students who hope to make a difference in their community during this challenging time.