Spring PE FUN Before School Program at Pointers Run Elementary presented by SuperSquads, Inc.


Eight (8) weeks of PE FUN at PRES Before School! Experience the innovative extension to our PE program with fun activities that will make your child move and improve his/her overall fitness while having a blast! Some of the favorite lead-up games and fitness activities include invasion, crazy soccer, GAGA, medic ball, noodle tag games, scooter games, prison ball, kickball games, mission impossible, super hoops basketball, throwing and catching games, noodle hockey, obstacle courses, fun warm ups, and more. Tons of new games! Join us to have a blast with PE Fun!

PE FUN Grades K-3  - WEDNESDAYS at 8:00 ā€“ 9:10 AM - 8 week Fee: $190

PE FUN Grades 2-5 - FRIDAYS at 8:00 ā€“ 9:10 AM - 8 week Fee: $190

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6600 S Trotter Rd
Clarksville, MD 21029
United States

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