Howard County Titans Youth Football Organization


What does it mean to play tackle football like a Titan? Titans say it means playing with your whole mind, body and spirit. Being fully committed to playing with courage, commitment and character. Are you cut out to play Titans Football? Let's see. 

The Howard County Titans Football Program will begin hosting spring workouts Thursday evenings beginning May 11, 2023 through Monday, July 10 at Hammond Elementary/Middle School from 6 - 8PM. These are non-contact 120 minute workouts that focus on skill building, agility, fundamental football strength and developing the player football IQ. 

Field Address - 8100 Aladdin Drive, Laurel MD 20723.

July 10 - 14 will be the Titans Football Summer Camp. 

If you are looking for youth tackle football with a purpose... We are Titans Football.


8100 Aladdin Drive
Laurel, MD 20793
United States

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Bryan Goehring