Volunteer Opportunities for young artists at DoodleHATCH Art Center


ManneqART/DoodleHATCH Interactive Art Museum in the Long Reach Village Center is offering motivated young artists, 14 and older a unique opportunity to work on mixed media art installations and other projects.  Serious minded, skilled, and "learning" artists are welcome to apply.  Learn from experienced artists and crafters.  After school and weekend hours available.  Service learning hours credits happily given.  Apply at www.doodlehatch.com or call 301.778.0616 or 301.725.5555 


8775 Cloudleap Ct., Long Reach Village Center
Unit 101B
Columbia, MD 21045
United States

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No charge
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DoodleHATCH Department Store for Mythological Creatures, Time Travelers and Galactic Tourists.
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