Americans All


Americans All provides a multipurpose storytelling tool that helps leaders improve the mental, social, and economic health of their students. It can support and connect students, community members, nonprofits, schools, and local businesses. The program is nonpartisan and risk-free for all participants.

Students receive a free subscription to our Social Legacy Network until their class graduates, and can get discounts on goods and services from our program’s business partners. Schools receive a turnkey fundraising tool, and receive 77% of the revenue generated from our Business Legacy Partner members as unrestricted funds. Schools can publish stories in multiple languages, on themselves, to better connect with their diverse communities.


7723 Groton Road
Bethesda, MD 20817
United States

Cost (if applicable)
The program is free for all high school students until their class graduates and is also free for all schools. It is also free for all community members for one year.
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Allan Kullen
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